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Your parcels, delivered. 6 days a week.

EasyTrack a simple but powerful system easy to use that keeps you in control at all times

The EasyDel™ custom CRM system 'EasyTrackencompasses the latest in booking, processing, and GPS tracking technology. Your EasyDel™ control panel gives you concise, accurate up to the second information on all of your deliveries, and it's very intuitive and easy to use. It's a system we have designed and built around our customers needs.


It features a host of benefits that will keep you Our industry leading track and trace technology will put you at the centre of your logistics knowing where each delivery is and when and who has signed for it. Our customer experience team will gladly meet with you on or offline to demonstrate how we can integrate our technology into your business.


From initial booking to final delivery the EasyTrack lets you know the status of each parcel in realtime.

01.  You Book

Log into your EasyDel portal using your phone, desktop, laptop or even a tablet. Schedule the parcels for collection. If you have a lot of parcels you can use the bulk upload function which will save you having to individually enter each delivery. Our portal retains the contact details in your address book so you only have to enter the details again for repeat deliveries to the same address.


02.  We Collect

Your EasyDel driver will call to collect your parcel at a dedicated time for Business Plus and Business Pro users, Business standard collections are made before 3pm. The parcel is scanned into our system as collected and brought back to the depot for sorting. Once received your control panel will update in real time letting you know the status of the process.


04.  We Deliver

Your parcels is then scheduled for next day delivery. EasyDel collects and delivers 6 days a week. your control panel status updates to inform you that your parcel is out for delivery. Saturday deliveries has proven very favourable with our customers delivering to residential addresses.

05.  We Guarantee

Unlike some delivery companies we will not leave a parcel unless we have a signature for the delivery. Signatures are made on our EasyTrack devices and then uploaded to your control panel in real time and an email is sent to your customer letting them know the parcel is delivered with a copy of the signature of the person who took the parcel in.


03.  We Sort

Your parcels are delivered to our depot and and are scanned into our system as received and then sorted for dispatch. Your control panel will update to let you know your parcel is being processed for delivery.

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